Setting a Location with Tinder Gold or Premium

Tinder is a famous dating app that uses a specific algorithm and search parameters to connect its users. The app works in a way that doesnt allow you to look for a specific person. Instead, you need to find a match by swiping left or right. But if you are interested in a particular profile, or you want to find that person somewhere else on the internet, the situation gets tricky.

The only way to view a Tinder profile online is by using the Tinder app. Furthermore, youll have to go to great lengths to find the exact one. In this article, we will explain the best way to locate a specific Tinder profile by tweaking some of the apps preferences.

Make a Dummy Profile

If you want to search for someone on whom youve already swiped left, you need to start over again. This is because Tinder algorithm works in a way that will never show you the same profile twice if youve dismissed it before.

To encounter the same profile again, you should create a dummy (or a ‘fake) one so it can appear in your feed again. Follow these steps to make a new Tinder account:

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