How to Get a Discount on Tinder Gold

Tinder has been around for quite a while and it doesnt seem to be going anywhere any time soon. In order to up their game, Tinder has introduced the Plus and Gold membership plans in previous years. While the former is relatively affordable, the latter can be expensive.

Naturally, many sites offering discounts and methods to obtain free Gold membership have cropped up since Tinder Gold was first introduced. Lets investigate what Tinder Gold is, how much it costs, and whether or not you can get it at a discount price.

What Is Tinder Gold?

Tinder Gold was rolled out in e suggests, Tinder Gold offers some exclusive features. It is available only to Tinder Plus users and its billed separately. The users who opt to switch to Gold membership have several available plans, though more on that later.

Tinder Gold lets you see everyone who right-swiped you the moment they do it. If you miss some, you can see them in a personalized “Likes You” list. When browsing with Tinder Gold, you will see the heart icon next to the matches that previously swiped right on you.

This feature also provides you with a personalized list of up to ten picks each day. Continue reading “How to Get a Discount on Tinder Gold”