The newest forest has been full of a bad green dragon entitled Chuth

Elf Personal computers

  • Chuth: Green Dragon, raiding settlements on the Misty Tree into the Rise episode 4.

: Elf characters e on the Misty Tree, as it’s featured from inside the Occurrence cuatro of Rise off Tiamat. King Melandrach rules it (in which he suits the fresh Council away from Waterdeep within the Go up). The new Queen has a few sons, Alagarthas and you can Neronvain (who’s got moved shed). Roguish systems may prefer to worship Fenmarel Mestarine, elven jesus out of outcasts. There is certainly a tiny shrine to Fenmarel in the Occurrence cuatro, plus one out-of my professionals understood that it god is perfect for his reputation.

Darkhold: If you look on the map of the region on page 4 of Hoard, you’ll see a place called Darkhold. It’s way down on the bottom right, very close to the Well of Dragons (home of the cult and the location of the finale in Rise of Tiamat). Darkhold is a castle owned by the Zhentarim. If you have any characters in your campaign in the Zhentarim faction, it would make sense for them to know abut Darkhold or even come from there. Seeing how close this place is to the Well of Dragons, there’s a good chance your Zhentarim PCs might go there.

Toward web page 9 of your Rise of Tiamat, it is mentioned that the bluish wyrmspeaker is called Galvan. The fresh new Personal computers will run to the all other wyrmspeaker inside storyline, although not Galvan. It’s unusual since there is ways out-of him and there is a small wizards blog post regarding the him.

Generally what you features listed here is a keen NPC to use not you adore! Perhaps you you will definitely connect him so you can Lennithon. Or even he can harass the Pcs periodically while the a repeating villain from the assassination efforts. Continue reading “The newest forest has been full of a bad green dragon entitled Chuth”