Bioconcentration affairs could be said to your a wet-pounds or lipid-stabilized foundation

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Even more uncertainty takes place as the liquid and you will diet concentrations can differ while in the publicity around; therefore, access to a single attention in the water or fish obtained by the sampling get lead error

The bioaccumulation factor (BAF) is defined here in a similar fashion as the nondimensional BCF; in other words, BAF is CF/CW at steady state, except that in this case the fish is exposed to both water and food; thus, an additional input of chemical from dietary assimilation takes place. The concentrations used here are mol/m 3 wet weight in the fish and mol/m 3 in water. The fish concentration also can be expressed on a mol/m 3 lipid basis. A necessary additional loss of chemical results from fecal egestion, and apparent loss by growth dilution may occur. Continue reading “Bioconcentration affairs could be said to your a wet-pounds or lipid-stabilized foundation”