Summary/conclusion having worked so difficult to make this convention feasible

let us come at long last for the concern of pensions.

In quick

In quick after that, would you two need to join me personally?

In conclusion

Finally , i’d like to suggest a number of useful solutions.

In short

Simply speaking , the document says more funds must be used on education.


In general, imports make up half the inventory.


anytime a female performed leave home, she was just likely to point by herself with things relating to home-based life.


The importance of studies, subsequently , was infinitely more than in past years.

To close out

In conclusion , let me say thank you to any or all who has got worked so hard to help make this conference feasible.

Last but not least

In summary , we simply cannot a cure for greater profits unless we identify our goals clearly. Continue reading “Summary/conclusion having worked so difficult to make this convention feasible”